The ForgeLife Solution Manager builds on the market-leading open source Liferay Portal framework. Each component guarantees a seamless user-experience to manage digital assets across channels, across devices and across industries. 

The ForgeLife Solution Manager is unique in the industry in that it is built as a collection of native plug-ins to be added to a Liferay installation. The suite is composed of multiple major relatively independent products that can be used individually or in combination with each other for customer, employee or partner facing digital experiences.

Demo is available upon request. Please Contact Us.  


Stimulate the interest of your customers, partners and employees by adding our ForgeVideo premium feature to your strategy. Through easy annotation and personalization we take video marketing and learning to the next level ...

Videos are becoming an ever increasing essential component of information sharing and effective learning.

ForgeVideo's modern browser-based video editing capability allows users to tag, cut, trim or edit videos, to generate new video including picture-in-picture feature from different source videos.

Its interactive video features allows to add configurable and interactive popup messages, hot spots, images, quiz and answers with calls-to-action, iFrame, individual chapters and chapter menu, free pen drawing (annotation), among others on top of the existing videos as overlay.

All meta-data and added text annotations are indexed and searchable. Individual videos can be linked to specific organization, individual and/or event. Configurable workflow can be implemented in the content review process. Any organization can use these features for targeted learning, sharing experiences and even marketing purpose. 


Drive growth through our omni-channel eCommerce solution, natively embedded into the ForgeLife digital asset platform ...

ForgeCart is a complete eCommerce solution that is based on Liferay Portal platform.

ForgeCart consists of 25 end-user facing shopping cart portlets and several feature-rich portlets for mall or store administrators, each with configurable UI. It is flexible enough to generate different views to meet your custom needs.

Key features in the ForgeCart Enterprise Edition (EE) include:

For End User:

For Mall and/or Store Administrators:

For Mall Administrators:


Create new opportunities and drive campaigns through online marketing with our personalized advertising solution based on online history, access time, location, user's profile, and relevant web content ...

ForgeAds is an advertising solution with seamless integration of Revive Adserver (OpenX) as the backend ad server to create and manage ads. It includes 3 portlets for mall or store administrators, 4 display portlets for targeted rendering of ads based on user's online browsing history, user's profile, time and location of the access of information, and relevant web contents on the same web page. ForgeAds works well with other components in the ForgeLife Solution Manager to create a complete digital solution. 

Refer to for more information about Revive Adserver, formerly known as OpenX Source.

A Reference Site: University of Nebraska Foundation, empowered by ForgeAds to manage and precisely render 800+ ad banners for hundreds of funds. Click here to see a screenshot.



Secure enterprise-grade digital asset sharing capabilities for user-friendly convenient and efficient collaboration ...

ForgeChat is a unique purpose-build chat feature for industry and enterprise needs. It contains a secure online communication mechanism that enables online users to communicate in one-on-one or group setting. Users can share images, documents, audios, videos and other information without leaving the integral environment. Friends can share their own moments as well.


A JasperReports engine-based business intelligent (BI) solution to generate dynamic BI reports in tabular or graphical formats.

JasperReports is an open source Java reporting tool that can write to a variety of targets, such as: screen, a printer, into PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, RTF, ODT, Comma-separated values or XML files.

ForgeBIRD is a Liferay plugin with most recent JasperReports engine (version 5.6) fully integrated. It includes four portlets so far: 

  • Reports Admin portlet: for database connection and template configuration

  • Reports Display portlet: list reports by permissions

  • Reports Publisher portlet: dynamically real-time display reports.

  • Reports Viewer portlet: dynamically input parameters and generate tabular and chart reports on-fly; dynamically real-time display reports.


A series of components to enable ForgeLife solution across all major mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Different devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones including iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone) have different size of display screens.

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices.

ForgeMobile takes the same RWD approach in building responsive portal solutions. The HTML5 web pages dynamically adjust themselves according to the display screen. If needed, native mobile apps with HTML5 pages wrapped give users better user experience while keep the same features and fast response.

ForgeMobile helps creating websites that respond to their environment:

  • Fluid Layouts
  • Flexible Media
  • Media Queries

ForgeLife professional service team is very experienced in designing and building native mobile App


A knowledge base (KB) solution to consolidate and manage the most accurate information in one place by authoring articles and organizing them in a hierarchy of navigable categories.

ForgeKB is our Knowledge Base (KB) solution that enables content creators and publishers to consolidate and manage the most accurate information in one place by authoring digital assets and organizing them by hierarchy and category.

ForgeKB covers a wide range of use cases, including support and help desk functions. It allows to rate and comment on all digital assets, export them into other formats, or subscribe to it. Similar to wiki functions, but with different look and usability, plus additional workflow capabilities for approval functions. 

Some of the main features include: